What Can Go Right Now?

We are so accustomed to thinking about “what can go wrong” that we don’t even think, for example, of all the things that had to go right in order for us to be here this morning. This is so much a part of us that we have raised “what can go wrong” to an art form – we even invented a guy named Murphy to epitomize that no matter what you do, anything that can go wrong will happen.

bad day signNot surprisingly, then, we believe in bad days. If we have two really bad things occur, we hold our breath knowing that a third and possibly the worst bad thing is going to happen.

And if something really great happens, we say to ourselves, “I got really lucky,” “it surprised even me,” or “that’s not going to happen again soon.”

In other words, bad things happen in threes and good things, when and if they happen, occur in ones.

We find ourselves living in the world of limitation, where we accept “bad days” as part of our menu of life.

When a good day comes along, we wish we knew what it was that created it. Maybe we could bottle it.

So when you are asked, “What can go right?” you might find yourself having to think how to answer. You might take a deep breath and blurt out “everything,” an answer you really don’t actually believe.

Sometimes it feels like you are not “being realistic” when you believe things can go right. And yet, aren’t we doing the same thing when we decide that something is pre-destined to go wrong?

yes signBut recognize that we live in a self-aware loving universe that always says “yes.” If you believe everything has the potential to go wrong, then it does. And if you believe things can go right, they do also. Our lives are not governed by luck, jinxes or the stars lining up once in a blue moon, but through right action and right consciousness and the embodiment of spirit knowing itself through us and more. We are individualized points of the Infinite Presence, God, and the Divinity within us is creating, celebrating, and having a great deal of fun being alive.

So before you go on, take a minute, take a deep breathe and let any fear go. Begin to ask yourself, many times a day: “What can go right today? And it will.

In this moment, I know that there is only the Infinite Divine Presence
That flows through me as my ultimate good, my ultimate, growth,
My ultimate expression of creativity, celebration and love.
I know this Presence is mine, and
I move, think, create, and experience my being within this Infinite Presence.
I joyfully know that this Presence is Love, and
That love is the ultimate what can go right today.
I choose to plant the seeds of love in all I do,
and knowing that life flows with us and through us in perfect right action.
I know that everything is for us, and
Nothing is against us except what we have once believed.
In this moment, we give great thanks, for in gratitude there is right action,
And I affirm my words have power and release them
And so it is.

— Rev. Ernest Chu
© 2015 The Soul Currency Institute 2015

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