Clearing Blocks To Abundance
Rev. Ernest D. Chu discovered the power of Spirit to create prosperity, flow and fulfillment when a business reverse left him more than a million dollars in debt and virtually destitute. When he learned to harness his inner strengths, assets and intention, within 18 months, he paid back all debts without ever filing for bankruptcy. Chu, a former Wall Street wunderkind and member of the New York Stock Exchange at 25, is now an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living pastor, whose work includes teaching spiritual abundance and fulfillment, and helping people find their life’s work. Over 33 years, he helped to begin 9 startups, 5 which became public companies, and now mentors entrepreneurs who are creating socially responsible projects. He is the bestselling author of Soul Currency, which has been translated into seven major languages, and has appeared as a guest on Oprah and more than 100 radio and television shows.

Ernest Chu presented the following talk at an event with Wendy Blum in 2015.

Dr Chu raw from Wayne Filowitz / on Vimeo.

In the video below from the Healing Meditation Summit, Rev. Chu reveals how to remove obstacles to an abundant life.

Bret Moss interviews Ernest Chu
“Investing Your Spiritual Capital for Lasting Prosperity”

Bret Moss interviews Ernest Chu
“Creating Fulfillment & Abundance with the Power of Love”

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