Spiritual Travel to Brazil

Rev. Ernest D. Chu leads pilgrimages regularly to Casa Dom Inácio, the healing center in Abadiânia, Brazil, home of John of God.

A Healing Journey and Spiritual Retreat to Casa Dom Inácio Abadiânia

DomInacio06_11Next Retreat Dates June 18-July 2, 2017
Trip Leaders: Rev. Ernest Chu and Rev. MaryCatherine Chu on behalf of The Soul Currency® Institute, with support from Steve Hooks of Journey Different, Inc.

To secure your place in this life-changing journey, register online now! You may register online and pay online or by check with just a $500 deposit.

A Spiritually Life-Changing and Healing Retreat
This spiritual adventure is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. This is your opportunity to visit the Casa de Dom Inácio, located in the central Brazilian plateau southwest of Brasília, to be with the world-famous spiritual healer John of God. On this journey you will be in the company of like-minded people, with experienced guides/avatars and metaphysical teachers.

John of God

John of God

John of God: The Miracle Healer of Brazil
Perhaps the Most Powerful Spiritual Healer Living Today
This full-trance medium, who incorporates more than 30 healing entities, has been responsible for astonishing healings of body, mind, spirit and personal growth for many years.

Virtually unknown in America until the late 1990s, he has been the subject of TV specials on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Discovery Channel, and ABC’s Primetime.

The following video was produced by well-known filmmaker Fergus Tighe, featuring commentary by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger on physical spiritual interventions done by John of God. Dr. Rediger has been an assistant chief of medicine of a leading psychiatric teaching hospital affiliated with a well-known Ivy League university.

In 2002, Rev. Ernest Chu elected to have a 7-minute physical spiritual intervention to remove a large lipoma that had grown close to the spine and could have resulted in his inability to use his legs. The recording of this spiritual intervention was shown on The Oprah Winfrey Show in November 2011. Ernie’s family physician, who had seen the tumor earlier, has confirmed that it was removed and has not grown back since. Be sure to see interviews of John of God by Oprah Winfrey, and videos of Wayne Dyer and others, on YouTube.

Physical spiritual interventions, instead of invisible spiritual interventions, are done on less that one tenth of one percent of all people who visit Casa Dom Inácio. Interventions are done only with the full permission of the patient. The physical interventions shown in the video were performed by John of God for the benefit Dr. Rediger. (Viewers are warned that these spiritual interventions may be graphic and not be suitable for children and people who are squeamish.)

(Shown in video preview: Dr. Jeffrey Rediger)

Pilgrimage Details

Ernest Chu with John of GodThis trip is led by Ernest Chu, a best-selling author and the founder of The Soul Currency® Institute, and Rev. MaryCatherine Chu, President of The Soul Currency Institute. Rev. Ernie  has been a Casa medium since 2003 and recognized by the Entities as a “Son of the Casa,” part of the Casa family. He is an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living minister.

The Soul Currency Institute has been happy to work with Rev. Steve Hooks, also a Son of the Casa and founder of Journey Different, Inc., which specializes in spiritual travel and tours. Rev. Hooks has been leading high-end travel groups for more than 20 years.

Share this very special pilgrimage to Brazil with your hosts Revs. Ernest D. Chu and Mary Catherine Chu!

All packages include accommodations at the Pousada Luz Divina, which Trip Advisor ranks #1 among bed and breakfasts in Abadiânia. The pousada is a 10-minute walk to Casa Dom Inacio, and within minutes to shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Trip Advisor ranks the Pousada Luz Divina in Abadiania, Brazil #1 among bed and breakfasts.

All packages include accommodations at the Pousada Luz Divina, which Trip Advisor ranks #1 among bed and breakfasts in Abadiânia, Brazil.

Package Price Range: $2,295 – $2,595 + airfare

Choose from three different packages with different room types for this trip:

Deluxe Room Package  $2,595 + airfare
Experience your visit with John of God in comfort and serenity. New rooms have 16-foot ceilings, marble vanities, and comfortable beds. Skylights let in morning sunshine, and the rooms have their own sitting porches and are located in a private courtyard minutes away from the dining area.

Garden Room Package $2,450 + airfare
Rooms are older but larger and overlook the garden landscape, hammocks tied between the trees, and Abadiânia’s only small stone and grass labyrinth. The beds are comfortable, and, at night, the rooms are generally quiet. The morning sun pours through the windows, and occasionally you might be awakened by a rooster from a nearby farm.

Basic Plus Room Package $2,295 + airfare
These rooms are cozy but slightly larger than the standard rooms and are located around the dining area. They are very convenient to the pousada grounds. They are clean private bath and shower and a comfortable bed. They are most comfortable for single occupancy.

A day trip to Brasilia is included in the Full Visit Package.

An abbreviated trip around Brasilia is included prior to going to Abadiânia. Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz.

All packages for this spiritual pilgrimage include:

  • Trip support and assistance
  • Airline ticket assistance, etc.
  • Amenity kit, flashlight, ear plugs, cello envelope, and flight snacks
  • Luggage transfers from airport to the pousada
  • Airport transfers via air-conditioned mini-bus or cab
    return transfers to Brasilia airport
  • Optional city tour of Brasilia – three cathedrals, Temple of Light, etc.
  • Lunch during tour (not including drinks or dessert)
  • 12 nights at Pousada Luz Divina with three home-cooked meals a day, room Wi-Fi (although the satellite signal may drop sporadically)
  • Two liters of blessed water in the room
  • Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church

    Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, built in Pirenópolis between 1727 and 1738

    Casa orientation and daily Casa session tickets

  • Potential opportunity for up to 12 visits with John of God
  • Assistance with crystal bed appointments
  • Casa permission to go to/from the sacred waterfall
  • Private translator and Casa avatar throughout
  • Individual weekly meetings with translator/avatar
  • Local dinner and birthday celebration
  • Taxi cabs from pousada or Casa to sacred waterfall
  • Taxi cabs from Casa after spiritual intervention
  • Morning trip to colonial Pirenopolis (second Monday) with Entity permission
  • Lunch during tour and Corumba falls (second Monday)
  • Donation to Casa
  • Gratuities to kitchen staff and chamber maids

To secure your place in this life-changing journey, register online now. You may register online and pay online or by check with just a $500 deposit.

All packages may be customized; speak to Rev. Ernie or MaryCatherine about your needs. The different package prices are based on single or double occupancy and style of accommodation (Deluxe, Garden View, or Basic) at the select Pousada Luz Divina. All rooms have private bath with shower and are comfortably appointed with all-cotton linens, screened windows, clothes racks – shelf units or armoires, and free internet access. Airfare is not included in package prices.


Sunday Evening, June 18 – Depart Miami
Some in the group may choose other airports to begin their trip to Brasilia with arrival times early Monday morning, if available.

Monday, June 19
Arrival/immigration in Brasilia. For some changing planes in Sao Paulo for Brasilia, you will go through immigration and customs in Sao Paulo AND transfer to the domestic terminal. You will be met at Brasilia Airport.  Early-morning arrivals will be taken to the luxurious Melia Hotel for a complimentary buffet breakfast, which is included.

You will then be driven in an air-conditioned bus for an abbreviated tour of Brasilia. The tour includes the amazing blue glass Cathedral of Dom Bosco, and the National Cathedral, passing the Government Parliament buildings and monuments, etc. on the way for our two-hour trip to Abadiânia. We  check in at the Pousada Luz Divina for a late lunch and have the opportunity to get settled and rest. Later, before dinner, each traveler will have the opportunity to talk to our group translators/avatars about their goals. Dinner orientation: further introductions, some orientation, and questions and answers and relaxing in the beautiful garden with hammocks.

Tuesday,  June 20
For early risers, an opportunity to go to Sunrise Hill for mediation, to visit the Casa during early-morning hours (6:30 a.m.) for prayer or to walk the grounds. Breakfast is at 7 a.m. For those looking to serve, time to go to Casa, to help peel vegetables and make the “blessed soup” for the rest of the week. Free time to explore Abadiânia and the Pousada. Lunch and afternoon: Meet with translator-avatar. 5:30 p.m. We recommend going to Casa grounds for the official orientation. Dinner and free time.

Wednesday through Friday, June 21-23
Morning sessions at the Casa begin at 8 a.m. White clothing is strongly suggested. Breakfast is served at 6:45 a.m. and an early departure from the Casa is recommended for the first three Casa days, to go through the proper lines to meet John of God or to go into the “current” room.

Early risers can walk down to Sunrise Hill to watch the sun come up over the misty valleys and rolling hills. The brief meeting with John of God will be one of many, where you will be directed through your translator what to do next.

Each person can ask for help for three issues per meeting; the best results are achieved by following what John of God suggests.

Each morning session closes with the serving of the Blessed Soup, followed by lunch at our Pousada. The afternoon sessions begin at 2 p.m., unless otherwise designated. If you choose to sit in one of the two “current” rooms, check with your group leader or translator/avatar.

After the day’s sessions, you may choose to buy a crystal bed session to prepare for a spiritual intervention, sit quietly in the Casa garden, pray on the deck or at the triangles. Visit the Casa bookstore or the variety of shops in Abadiânia.

Evenings after dinner can be spent at the nearby juice bar and often include meeting other visitors from all over the world; deep sharing; an opportunity take photos of the “orbs”; and sometimes music.

Saturday through Tuesday, June 24-27
Optional visits to nearby places of culture and interest are planned, subject to approval by John of God, and in keeping with energy of the trip.

The weekend and non-Casa days can be used for crystal beds or to go to the sacred waterfall any time during the day with permission.

There is an inspiring Sunday sing-a-long at the Casa, and Mondays are usually the preferred days for day trips. Tuesday is for the preparation of the blessed soup.

Evening spiritual activities may include talks on subjects of interest to the group by local spiritual teachers and authors. There are also nightly rosary services (in Portuguese), local and visiting musicians, authors, artists, and showing of spiritual movies. It is likely we may schedule “special events” such as John of God’s birthday celebration and a marriage blessing by John of God for Ernie and MaryCatherine, among the many activities locally.

Wednesday through Friday, June 28-30
The second week is often the most powerful time for healing, where major spiritual insights come, and where any negativity and resistance to the divine energy of love has begun to melt away. For those who have received spiritual interventions in the previous week, it is time to go before John of God again. For those requested to sit in the “current” room, it may be time to schedule a spiritual intervention. For everyone, it is a reaffirmation of faith, courage, surrender and inner reflection.

Friday afternoon is an opportunity to say goodbye to John of God. Depending on John of God’s energy, he usually will come out after the afternoon session for hugs and group photos.

Saturday through Sunday,  July 1-2
Most flights leave in the late afternoon or evening, and those choosing lunch at Vago Fogo in Pirenopolis will likely leave late morning, have lunch and visit the Temple of Good Will or shop for gifts. A second choice is to spend the day at the Casa and possibly make one last visit to the sacred waterfall. Arrangements will be made to have a late checkout or a room to change and shower before leaving for the airport.

Once at the airport, dinner is on your own, and there are several options for places to eat. There are no airport departure taxes.

For more information, or to register by phone or mail, call Rev. Ernest Chu at (954) 429-3130.

Healing Miracles come from the Source of Unconditional Love
Two weeks with Medium João has been described by some as a combination of the unconditional love of Mother Teresa, the healing miracles of Jesus and the deep commitment to service of Albert Schweitzer. “This is an experience is like no other,” writes Prosperity Coach Edwene Gaines.

Spiritual masters Ram Dass, Father Ron Roth, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Dr. Wayne Dyer are just a few of the many spiritual teachers who have deepened their relationship with God and are supported by the compassionate spirits of Abadiânia.

João Teixeira de Faria has been working with these Entities for more than 55 years.  Affectionately known as João de Deus, this gentle, unassuming man has become one of Brazil’s greatest national treasures, working with the poorest of the poor, with millions of farmers and laborers as well as with foreign visitors and dignitaries from virtually every country.

It is estimated that worldwide, he has worked with 8–10 million people, perhaps more. He was awarded the National Medal of Honor by the President of Peru for his work in ending their devastating cholera epidemic, yet he insists that “It is not I that does the healing; I am just the instrument of God.”

John of God does not charge for his work; it is made possible by donations from the many people throughout the world whose lives he has changed. For more information, go to www.FriendsOfTheCasa.info.


Casa de Dom Inácio

The Casa de Dom Inácio is in a largely rustic rural town, virtually untouched by the fast-accelerating world. (While it recently acquired an Internet cafe, travelers’ checks still mystify the locals and even the local bank!) However, there is a juice bar and café where people from all over the world congregate.  There is even a pizza restaurant and the Grand Central Café that serves organic hamburgers, salads, and great brownies.

The Casa rests at the edge of town but is like no other place on earth. A humble place on first encounter, visitors come to know it as one of the most calming and spiritual places they‘ve ever been. It’s like a combination of the healing miracle energy of Lourdes and the loving community of a Findhorn.

While the Casa might seem to have a Catholic feel to it, it welcomes all religions and faiths. Not associated with any organized religion, it encompasses universal metaphysical principles, the miracles of cleansing waterfalls and powerful disincarnate healing spirits. The mortally sick have the opportunity to find wholeness again and the crippled often discard their crutches, braces and wheelchairs. The heart-broken and spiritually restless can find peace, life meaning and an experience of a Loving Presence at a depth they have never before imagined. These subtle, less-than-obvious spiritual healings of a personal nature simply can’t be counted.


John of God, left, embraces Rev. Ernest Chu at Casa Dom Inácio Abadiânia

From the moment you make up your mind to go, you are answering the call of your own divine restlessness within. One of our trip leaders, Ernie Chu, who had an inoperable tumor on his spine removed in November 2002, observed after his first trip, “God seeps into you, more deeply than if you went to church every day for 10 years. You are embraced by compassionate spirits while being immersed in feelings of deep peace and clarity. You meet like-minded people from all over the world.  Casa Dom Inácio is a place of the divine manifesting in real-time, of life-changing insights and of deep physical and spiritual healing.”

Read Ernie’s story here.

Healing Stories

From another visitor’s perspective (John Gage, who went to the Casa in 2005 on one of Ernie’s guided tours), “Looking back, it all seems to make perfect sense, even when illogical. When I first entered the assembly hall, an irresistible Loving Presence wrapped Itself around me that was, at once, the happiest and saddest I’d ever felt — happy that I’d found the Presence again, sad that I’d forgotten It for so long.

“I came into a kind of synchronous state with Spirit.  During prayerful meditation, I’d ask questions and was immediately given answers in my ‘knowing intuition.’ I saw dense energies with my eyes closed and could ‘visit’ friends thousands of miles away with healing. After my spiritual surgery, I ‘knew’ not to walk in sunlight, jump into the frigid pool or do anything strenuous.

“Friends had taken my picture to the Entities the year before I actually visited the Casa.  Curious events even before I arrived suddenly made sense as preparation for what I was about to experience.

“I was given the healing of an incredible sense of self-worthiness, loving good-will and gratitude that people noticed when I returned home. Later, my consciousness was called back to the Casa on several occasions to lend my energy (as it seemed) during a procedure. In the years to come, I would come to discover and begin to unfold the power to bring healing to others. Perhaps not everyone has a remarkable or even noticeable physical healing but I suspect each and every visitor to the Casa has a unique and powerful spiritual healing.

“The mending of my disintegrated vertebrae continued noticeably for another two years, after which I found I was almost two inches shorter but MRI’s confirmed my spine to be complete and sound. My brother, a neurosurgeon, who’d been insisting I must have another fusion, was completely confounded.

“Now, 7 years later, I still drink the blessed ‘holy’ water, I still ask for and I’m occasionally still aware of the Entities working in me, healing my mind and body.”

Read other incredible healing stories here.

A Journey of Healing and Adventure

It is your time… today… to embark on your healing journey to the Casa Dom Inácio. This will surely be the life-altering spiritual pilgrimage of your lifetime as you flow into your own divine appointment with healing love and connection. Register and join us at the Casa. Then drink the blessed water, immerse yourself in the transforming waters of the sacred waterfall, find balance and the deep soul attunement of the crystal beds. Experience a curiously surprising and resounding peacefulness that you will bring home with you.

This is an exploration not only in faith, but of boldly stepping out into the newness and promise of Spirit and all you are meant to be amid the richness and diversity of the Brazilian culture. When you are there, you are reminded of the words: “Welcome home… we have been waiting for you.”

To secure your place in this life-changing journey, register online now. You may register online and pay online or by check with just a $500 deposit.


Rev. Ernest Chu, co-group leader, has made more than 25 visits to John of God. The angelic beings of the Casa have bestowed on him the honor of Casa Medium (2002) and blessed Son of the Casa (2003). A former Wall Street Journal columnist, investment banker and NYSE allied member, he is the author of the bestselling book Soul Currency and founder of the Soul Currency Institute, a focus ministry of the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Rev. MaryCatherine Chu, co-group leader, is an interfaith minister, a spirit medium, and President of The Soul Currency Institute. She recently was assistant group leader on the 2015 pilgrimage. She has had more than 20 years of experience in health care, including pharmaceuticals, practice management, and health information management. Some of the Fortune 500 companies she has worked for include Pharmacia & Upjohn, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bayer HealthCare, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and a national rehabilitation hospital chain. She is also a certified Reiki Master.


Translator/Avatars: Filipe & Sabrina Klein who have more than 15 years of combined  experience as guides and Casa avatars

Trip Support (USA): Rev. Steven Hooks, founder of Journey Different, Inc. has more than 30 years of corporate travel and eight years of hosting and serving groups visiting the Casa.

To secure your place in this life-changing journey, register online now. You may register online and pay online or by check with just a $500 deposit.


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