Soul Current™ Attunement

current“In everything that exists, there is an intangible spiritual life force, an ever present energy of creation. The term “currency” describes its movement. Like an air current or electrical current, the divine current is one of the most important patterns in our lives. The more unobstructed and freely divine energy circulates in your life, the happier, more success-filled, more connected, gratifying and rich your life becomes.

“At the macro level your soul’s currency is the energy of the universe, infinitely intelligent and can never be created or destroyed, but which is constantly changing shape, assuming endless combinations of visible and invisible form.” ~ Soul Currency by Ernest Chu, p. 16

The Soul Current™ is the divine force of the universe, but it is measurable and connects us to all of life. The ancients have described it as the force which connects our physical energetic bodies to the energy grid of the earth and ultimately to what Dr. J.J. Hurtok in his book, The Keys of Enoch – The Book of Knowledge, describes as axiotonic connections (the energy grids) that extend throughout the dimensions of the universe.

More recently, The Soul Current™ energy spectrum has been described by Ernest Holmes as the energy we connect with when we do “spiritual mind treatment” (affirmative prayer), as the “healing stream” used by 20th-Century German healer Bruno Groening, as the Reconnection™ therapy energy frequency used by healer Dr. Eric Pearl, and the healing energy of love used by the compassionate spirits who work through renowned Brazil medium Joao de Deus (John of God).

When we connect with The Soul Current™, we exemplify the “experience” of wholeness, such as inner peace, happiness for no reason, a feeling of worthiness, optimism, a sense of purpose, even if we can’t put our finger on it. As emotions are connected to the physical body, pains or the appearance of dis-ease often may be reduced or disappear as a result.  As with a watering hose, any kinks in the hose may reduce the flow to a trickle or to a complete stop, leaving the plant to wither and possibly die; as The Soul Current™ opens the kinks (stuck energetic negativity) and restores the state of harmony and life force flow, our emotions and thoughts are optimistic and empowering, we are healthier and vibrant.  Brain researcher Dr. William Kent Larkin describes positive emotions as the “lubricant for the brain and soul,” and in that state of high connectedness, life flows easily and intention and dreams become reality.

The Soul Current™ contains intelligence, light information and the vibration of physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.  It is essentially a powerful reaffirmation of oneness with the Divine within, and yet it is active, expansive, synchronistic and creative. In reclaiming our divine nature, we connect to divine right action by re-uniting heaven and earth; spirit into the body, the co-creation of just what is needed in each person, sometimes expected (or, more frequently, wonderful but unexpected results).

According to Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of the VERITAS research program at the psychology department of the University of Arizona and author of The Energy Experiments, energy similar to The Soul Current™ comprises a broad energy spectrum that includes, but is not limited by, directed healing modalities such as Chi Gong, Reiki and similar healing methods. In a group attunement, the actual energy produced is significant. Measurements conducted by Schwartz in a similar energy modality, the Reconnection™ energy, showed that if the increased energy produced in the room had been converted into thermal units, he estimated it would have resulted in a rise of more than 300 degrees Celsius.

The Soul Current™ opens receptivity for the unique perspectives offered by Soul Currency® on personal value, and creates the flow of abundance and fulfillment through wholeness. In a state of receptivity, we no longer have to convince our skeptical left brain, which believes in limitation, judgment and the three dimensions and the five senses, in order to achieve a shift. Our test results with Soul Currency® study groups with nearly 100 participants over 2 years have shown more than 80-85 percent of the participants reported positive and measurable shifts in wholeness consciousness. This  includes feelings of inner peace, clarity of life purpose, happiness, enthusiasm, compassion and and intuitive guidance.  The anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, impatience, not feeling good enough and woundedness magically disappear.

Once attuned to The Soul Current™, the change can be immediate and lasting. Our experience has shown that optimally 3-5 attunements are sufficient for most people to rediscover and connect to the divine energy of wholeness. While some see one-on-one attunements as more powerful, there is even greater collective power in the attuned group, which can be implemented in person or long distance via a hands-off healing. Attunements have such a powerful effect that others around may start to become attuned to the frequencies just through your presence. The Soul Current™ may also be beneficially experienced through recordings, books and TV and radio.

Becoming attuned to The Soul Current™ does not replace prayer or meditation, but deepens our inner connection of the Divine knowing itself by means of us. As Ernest Holmes, the author of The Science of Mind, might ask: “Would an all powerful, loving Creator energy doom its self creations to struggle through skepticism, limitation, and negative self judgment in order to rediscover wholeness, or is there an easier way?” The Soul Current™ creates shifts directly through the “beingness” of the heart and right brain, rather than the logic and judgment of the left.

The Soul Current™ flows through every dimension of the Universe, as the essence of the energy of love and as part of the ever-changing creation. When we are attuned, everything we call “good” or “bad” becomes “for” us. Nothing is against us. Through attunement, we live in the flow of open heart and a soul expressing its life purpose.

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