I AM Symposium

When you face adversity, it either breaks you … or you break through.

Challenges in life teach us our strengths. They show us what we’re made of. And by revealing our hidden reserves, they make us more resilient.

Like a flame in the desert burning through the tough outer shell of the fire flower to reveal its vermilion blossoms, adversity burns away our masks and exposes the ultimate sacred essence of who we are!

There’s a secret key to personal empowerment and transcending obstacles that sages and wisdom-keepers from cultures around the world have pointed us toward for millennia …

  •  A spiritual seed planted in the heart of every human being that calls us to our destiny …
  •  A voice of clear inner wisdom that aligns us with our highest values and intentions …
  •  A recognition of vital forces and universal interweaving that is staggeringly beautiful and awe-inspiring …

I Am SymposiumThe I AM Symposium was a blockbuster FREE online event created by my esteemed colleagues, acclaimed soul coach Renee Baribeau, aka The Practical Shaman, and New York Times bestselling editor and writer Stephanie Gunning, who has collaborated with some of the most popular and celebrated new thought leaders of our era on their books. They gathered 24 enlightened individuals into an amazing three-week event to share how they infuse joy, prosperity, and success into their personal and business lives by embracing the supreme power of “I AM.”

The Bible/Torah reports that God spoke to Moses during the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, saying, “I AM that I AM,” and this I AM gave Moses the power to part the waters of the Red Sea.

Using ancient Indo-Aryan root language of Sanskrit, when we join our palms in front of our hearts and bow to one another, we say, “Namaste,” meaning “I bow to the divine spirit in you.” I AM is our inner divinity.

During this extraordinary event, 24 presenters shared inspiring personal stories of how they overcame challenges and hardships by awakening to the power of their true nature as spiritual beings.

This audio file contains my interview for the I AM Symposium. Listen online or download and take it with you. Enjoy!


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