Capital Secrets

CapitalSecretsCapital Secrets: How to Raise Millions for Your Company in 90 Days or Less

In a fascinating and enlightening 45-minute interview, entrepreneur Matt Bacak probes Ernest Chu for the wealth of information and expertise he gained in 30 years in investment banking.

Chu talks about his mentors and business associates, who founded the predecessors of American Express, Citibank and, and shares some of the most important things he has learned about financing emerging companies.

Anyone who needs to raise money for a business needs Capital Secrets!

Listen to this interview to learn:

• Why 80% of businesses fail in the first five years
• Why raising money is critical to the success of new and growing companies
• Why you shouldn’t turn to a banker or accountant for financing advice
• Why you shouldn’t hire a coach from a major investment firm
• What you should expect from a business coach
• Whether you should pay a retainer to a financial consultant
• The people you really need on your team
• Traditional sources of funding
• How to identify non-traditional funding sources
• How to make the most of your assets
• How to find and approach outside investors
• What investors really want to know
• The mindset you need if you’re planning to go public
• Why the public market isn’t for everyone
• Who really controls a company, once it goes public
• Alternatives to going public
• The most common mistake in raising capital
• The worst time to try to raise money for your venture
• The most important ingredient for success

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